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Pain Management

Chronic or acute pain from an accident can rob your life of the simplest pleasures. The desire to “feel normal again” without pain in the wake of an accident is something we see every day. At MedEx Injury Doctors, we understand that recovery is not a fast, linear path. Our pain management specialists are experts in diagnosing and treating pain disorders resulting from accidents and will collaborate with experts to create a comprehensive treatment plan to relieve your pain and provide comfort during this difficult time. 

What Is Pain Management?

If you’ve been injured in an auto collision or worksite accident, navigating the aftermath while in pain can be challenging. Your primary focus should be on your recovery, so it’s essential to work with the right healthcare team to get your life back on track. A pain management specialist will play a critical role throughout the recovery process for many accident sufferers. Accidents can cause a variety of debilitating injuries, including:

  • Muscle sprains and strains. 
  • Whiplash. 
  • Herniated disc. 
  • Neck, shoulder, and back pain. 
  • Ligament injuries. 

Some accident injuries can cause delayed pain. If you don’t notice any immediate issues, you may skip out on visiting the doctor. Regardless of your immediate symptoms, it’s crucial to see a pain management specialist after an injury to begin your treatment and prevent further damage promptly. 

Pain Management Treatments 

When seeing a pain management specialist at MedEx Injury Doctors, our team will evaluate your injury and build an individualized treatment plan to address it properly. Pain management is a collaborative approach to care that addresses the patient as a whole. Some treatments may include:

  • Pain medication. 
  • Manual therapy. 
  • Physical therapy. 
  • Therapeutic injections for pain relief. 
  • Lifestyle management to supplement treatment. 
  • Back or neck braces to encourage soft tissue healing. 

Contact Us

At MedEx Injury Doctors, our specialists will develop a care plan that focuses on reducing and relieving your accident-related pain. Our providers are here to meet all of your treatment needs through our innovative and collaborative approach. To learn more about our pain management services, be sure to contact us today!