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Our Injury Care Services

Physical Therapy


Pain Management

Those who experience the misfortune of being in an accident need appropriate treatment from a coordinated team of healthcare professionals to immediately manage the various aspects of their care. At MedEx Injury Doctors, our multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive and highly personalized care to patients suffering from auto or workplace accident injuries. Our board-certified physicians offer an unparalleled suite of services and innovative technology in all aspects of our practice.

Physical Therapy

After an accident injury has been diagnosed, physical therapy is often recommended by doctors. We provide patients with hands-on, integrative therapeutic care to ensure they make a full recovery from their accident injury.


Our orthopedic physicians employ a variety of treatment options that help patients return to function after suffering debilitating accident injuries, and prevent the onset of degenerative diseases.

Pain Management

Our pain management specialists are experts in diagnosing and treating pain disorders resulting from accidents and will create a comprehensive treatment plan to relieve your pain and provide comfort throughout the recovery process.


Even the most minor collision can cause severe injuries down the road after the shock has worn off. Our physiatrists specifically deal with traumatic injuries related to car or workplace accidents, and play a key role in managing your recovery.

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